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Features: 1. High quality and durable  2. Provide excellent continuous power source to your d..
Beach Bag Solar Station
Use the sun for more than just your tan with this solar powered beach bag! Charge your phones, table..
Starting From $59.99
The Touch Of ECO® RAYJAM™ is a solar powered, bluetooth, weather resistant, multifunction portable s..
Starting From $59.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Smart Surge Protector - 10 Outlet
Save an average of $52.91 per year with the Smart Strip - Smart Surge Protector. The 10&nb..
Smart Surge Protector - 7 Outlet
Save an average of $52.91 per year with the Smart Strip - Smart Surge Protector. The 7&nbs..
This solar bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy the music you want with out having to worry about a dead..
Charge up to two devices at the same time from anywhere! SUNVOLT is a multi-use solar power bank tha..
Window Charger
The Solar Window Charger is a convenient hassle free way to charge any smart phone or tablet. J..
Starting From $29.99
Based on 1 reviews.
SOLARSTATION by Touch Of ECO is an exceptionally crafted radio, flashlight and alarm clock with the ..
Based on 2 reviews.
The Touch Of ECO solar powered backpack is a revolutionary solar integrated back pack, able to keep ..
TAGIT: 2 Lightning Charging Cables + Tags
Stop fighting over cords or trying to figure out which is which! Introducing TagIt, the Apple-Certif..
MINIMOBI Solar Charger
Ever get caught in a situation where you really need your phone but the battery is dangerously low? ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Solar battery charger. Recharge batteries with the sun! Charges 11 different NiCd and NiMH ba..

Touch Of ECO

Solar Products For Every Day Living

Touch Of ECO® is driven to provide solar powered and cost saving alternatives for products that you use everyday. We focus on using sustainable designs and materials that offer the greatest user experience. Whether it is holiday lighting, solar powered speakers or even outdoor utility lighting Touch Of ECO® allows you to make an eco conscious choice without sacrificing quality or price.



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