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  • 2 Pack: LITEOWL
  • 2 Pack: LITEOWL
  • 2 Pack: LITEOWL
  • 2 Pack: LITEOWL
  • 2 Pack: LITEOWL
  • 2 Pack: LITEOWL


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LITEOWL is your nocturnal solar powered night light from Touch Of ECO. Say goodbye to outlet plug-ins and battery operated lights that always die. LITEOWL is a two pack set of solar powered rechargeable night lights that go on automatically when the lights go out and go off when the lights go on. No more turning your night lights on and off each night! Plus as an added bonus your LITEOWL set comes with TWO FREE glow in the dark adhesive outlet covers that make finding your light switch at night a synch. 

Whether you need a light at night to find the door, illuminate your bathroom or your child just needs a comforting warm light at night. The LITEOWL is the perfect nocturnal night time accessory that provides just the right amount of light no matter the situation. Designed for all ages, LITEOWL is there when you need it but lets you sleep comfortably when you don’t.

Each LITEOWL produces over ten to twelve hours of light when fully charged. The best part is, each night light can charge off both solar power and indoor UV lighting! Which means the LITEOWL can be placed anywhere in your home. The suction cup design goes directly onto any window surface and will not leave a mark. Each LITEOWL features a glow in the dark boarder and a frosted front. Want to turn the light off? Just tap the front cover and your light will turn on/off. Then if you want it to go on automatically each night just leave it on!

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