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Bug and Insect Vacuum

This vacuum was created to make it easier than ever to catch, bugs, roaches, creepy crawlies, spiders, Bees, Wasps, Moths and any other insect that may creep its way into your house, from a distant and safe reach. Most of us are not excited to crunch a cockroach in a tissue with are bare hands and hear the crunch when we squish it. This vacuum is powered by a 9V Battery (not included due to shipping guidelines)

The vacuum when fully assembled measures approx. 15"

This device is equipped with a powerful LED backlight giving you the advantage of creeping up on predators at night.

Get the Kids Involved

With this little bug catcher your little boys will be more than happy to do all the bug catching needed around the house, a great way to keep them busy all summer ;)

Parts and Pieces Included:

1. Vacuum motor (Handle, LED light, Function buttons)

2. Battery door

3. Vacuum clear pipe

4. Suck booster

5. Tube cover plug


1. Assemble BRAND NEW 9V battery (not included) to vacuum motor

2. Attach vacuum clear pipe to handle (May require a bit of force)

3. Connect suck booster to open pipe end

4. At night power on LED flashlight

5. Direct the suck booster at the roach at a 45° angel and trigger the vacuum by pressing on the vacuum button

6. Do no release the vacuum until you have plugged the pipe

7. Dispose as you wish

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