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The Solar Jack-O-Lantern is a Two Pack of solar powered LED Halloween decorations. Powered by the sun, these Lanterns are a perfect Halloween themed eco-friendly solution for your home, patio or outdoor living area. The Jack O Lanterns have a lightweight nylon design, including a hook and handle which can be used for hanging, along with the ability to be free standing. During the day the solar panel converts sunlight into energy. At night, using this stored energy, the LED lantern,turns on automatically, thanks to its built in light sensor. It then turns off automatically at dawn or whenever a  light source is sensed to start charging. A single charge can power the LED for 6 - 8 hours.
  • Two pack Jack O Lantern nylon design
  • White Solar power LED's
  • Can be hung or free standing
  • Built in AAA rechargable batteries
  • Single charge can power for 6 - 8 hours

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