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  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)
  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)
  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)
  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)
  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)
  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)
  • LAWNLITE (8-Pack)


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Product Code: TOE227
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The Touch Of ECO® LAWNLITE's™ are a 8-pack of solar powered stainless steel pathway light. Perfect for decorating your lawn, garden, driveway, or illuminating your walkway at night. Thanks to their built in light sensor the LAWNLITE's turn on automatically when it gets dark. Then turn off as dawn to absorb sunlight and charge during the day. Each light produces 6-8 hours of light on a full charge and are weather resistant for year round outdoor use. These enviormentally friendly lights are the perfect balance of decorations and utility lighting. No wires, timers or batteries needed! Plus installation takes less than a minute and they can go virtually anywhere!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product Size: 13.97"x2.16"x2.16"
  • Battery: 1pc of Button Cell NIMH Battery
  • Color: White LED, Steel Exterior 
  • Units Per Box: 8 
  • Box Includes: 8 Lights, 8 Stakes, 8 Cyclinders, Instructions
  • Shipping Box Size: 8.85"x4.48"x3.74"
  • Run Time: 6-8 Hours Of Light On Full Charge
  • Power: Solar Powered

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