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See and be seen with CYCLELIGHT from Touch Of ECO. This two piece solar bike light combination set features both a solar headlight and solar taillight that is perfect for any biker. Never worry about being seen at night or only being able to bike during the day! Each unit features multiple ultra-bright LED bulbs with low-profile mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. The rear light even features three different settings including a rapid flash, slow flash, and steady light. Drivers and bikers will be able to see you from hundreds of yards away! 

Both of CYCLELIGHT’s solar panels only need to receive just over two hours of sunlight in order to produce over four hours of steady light. Better yet, the front light features four ultra-bright white LED’s that produce a brilliant 20-lumen beam. The backlight has two red LEDs that help motorists to see you from a distance. Steady, flash and random modes let you choose the best setting for the conditions. Flexible mounting design adapts to virtually any bike. You can even adjust the angle of the solar panel on your bike so that your panel charges while you ride! The mounting clips also come with additional grip tape ensuring your light will not move or slide while you peddle. This is a must have for bikers of all ages and levels! 

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Q: Once attached, can you unclip the light?

A: Yes, The CYCLELITE has a snap on/off mount. Say you park your bike in the shed with no sunlight exposure, you can simply unclip the light and put wherever you want with the mount still on the bike. 

Q: How many LED bulbs make up the CYCLELITE?

A: The CYCLELITE contains 6 LEDs, 4 in the head light and 2 in the tail light.

Q: How many lumens are there?

A: In the CYCLELITE there are a total of 20 lumens.

Q: What is the time length for charging this product?

A: The CYCLELITE only requires 2 hours of sunlight to produce over 4 hours of light!

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